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3D Architectural Panoramas Services

3D Architectural Panoramas Services. 3D panoramas refer to the capture of image content and the creation of images that cover the largest possible area – in a 360 degree coverage, this is also referred to as a circular image . Panoramic images consist of several images that are stapled together and give a panoramic view: 360 ° in the horizontal and 180 ° in the vertical, i.e. each point and angle is covered by a panorama or panorama.


3D panoramas for parks

To interact with the 3D panoramas, click the viewer and drag the cursor over the window. Within a virtual tour you can zoom in and out of the views and visit different rooms.

3D panoramas for parks

3D Panoramas: Virtual Tour Rooms

If you have created several panoramas, they can be put together or programmed in a virtual tour or tour . For example, rooms can be connected by interactive arrows so that you can move virtually from one room to another. In addition, you can also reflect the view from the window through an outdoor shot. This gives the viewer the opportunity to look at a house completely, as if you were actually there.

3D Panoramas – Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are ideal for marketing leisure activities or holiday services, such as hotels, spas, spas, parks. A virtual tour allows the viewer to get to know the surroundings or a place better before visiting it – more information, more trust, and better judgment before buying or visiting. Therefore, virtual tours can significantly improve the business, especially if the customer is emotionally informed and thereby positively surprised.

In addition, we can also integrate 360 degree product presentations into a virtual tour as needed. For showrooms of shops, companies or museums, this type of integration is highly recommended. In this way, a virtual tour becomes an interactive information experience when you can find out about the individual products or exhibits in addition to the rooms as a 360-degree product flash.