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3D anatomical Modeling visualization and animations services

The possibilities of interactive 3D visualization in medicine range from medical 3D styles / illustrations to 3D animations. Interactive content can be tailored to your personal wishes and ideas both in terms of technology and content. 3D presentations, animations and clips are commonly used in patient education and training. Be inspired by our multimedia solutions for healthcare marketing.

Advantages 3D anatomy visualization  representations:

Through 3D anatomy displays, 3D renderings, 3D modeling and 3D animations, we inform about complex medical issues in the context of patient education or for teaching purposes in an interactive way.


3D visualization of medical styles and illustrations

Using computer-based 3D technology, medical images are visualized in a photo-realistic manner. The possibilities for better illustration in 3D are broad as can be seen from the examples.

3D visualization – anatomy

Individual anatomical 3D animations

On the market, the possibilities of 3D visualization as a mobile tablet solution are becoming increasingly popular. In the medical field as well, the benefits of these mobile tools have been recognized in terms of patient education and training. We visualize medical issues and offer tailored individual 3D animations. Surgical and examination methods, or various processes in the human body, can be presented in an understandable way.

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