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We learn about the planned video and what it will tell. What does your organization do, how does business work, what problems do you have to face and how are they solved. After we find out if you have any competitors and how market positioning takes place, as well as what specific tasks the video should carry out. Without a holistic understanding of what your business breathes, it is extremely difficult to take into account the situation in which you have to work and how to make the video bring customers.

Based on the information collected, we find out what the video will consist of in general terms. Now, you can more accurately determine the cost and choose the style and form of execution of the visual part of the video. If you call a comfortable budget pledged for the video, it will be easier for us to choose the complexity of your performance. Without this, we will have to guess your payment framework with a 50% chance of success. We have a fixed cost of commercials and it changes over time depending on the demand and the general level of work in the portfolio, and not how much you can “tear off”. With a larger budget, we prefer to do the work better, especially since the work process is recorded and there is always the opportunity to find out how much time was actually spent creating the video.

We divide the entire amount of work into sub-steps and agree on the number of parts of the payment. We are in favor of breaking the payment into small parts and, to a greater extent, tying it to progress. The option with a 50% prepayment is rarely used, only on rollers for up to 30 seconds. You can start work with a 15% prepayment of the entire amount. It includes a minimum of work, just to start making a movie. Here we will send you a detailed schedule of work on the project, taking into account the time for you to check our reports.

Depending on the finished material and already available information, we proceed to the creation of the video. As a rule, this is the text for a voice-over, using which we will create a script, voice acting, and then graphics and video.You can see the list of stages in the calculator above by selecting the desired type of video. Upon completion of the stages, according to the schedule, we will send you reports for review. In the standard case, the correction of our mistakes is in place and about 15% of the time for editing the taste (darker, greener, higher, more)More information about what is included in the price and how the work is going on can be found in the client’s memo.

When all the work is done, all parts of the payment have been made, the material and corrections have been agreed, the final work is submitted to you. We do not strive for “surprises”, so you get the expected result, which is visible and laid from the first stages of work.

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In search of the most profitable investment of money in advertising, people somehow come to the creation of videos. Video works much more efficiently than other types of advertising and acts immediately on all channels of human perception of information. By correctly writing the text you can touch even tactile sensations and smell. If you have never ordered video advertising before and while choosing what is best for your business, then you can start with a two-dimensional (2D) video or otherwise shape-based animation.

2D work includes all work that takes place not only in 2 planes, but also when imitation of 3D space is used – various techniques are used to arrange images one after another, parallax effects, out-of-focus blur and perspective drawing.

Most often, business is ordered flat (flat) animation, it refers to 2D videos and for it they prepare illustrations made in the style necessary for production. Further, the created graphics are prepared and transferred to a program for animation in which a previously inanimate image acquires richness of metamorphosis and movements that attract the eye of the person.

If you compare flat animation with other types, then it usually costs less and allows you to provide good support to your startup by increasing the conversion of one-page (Landing page) or independently attracting traffic from YouTube.

When your presentation requires the use of a large amount of data, you can create a video infographic. So you will save your audience from the boring analysis of monotonous numerical tables and turn the viewing into an exciting lesson, where each element of the presentation will be speaking and expressive, and your person will be able to understand even those far from the subject of the report.

Business, one way or another, is connected with the interaction of people with each other, and many organizations make the mistake of depersonalizing the materials with which their client comes in contact. You will improve the quality of communication with your leads if you bring a human personality into the process of getting to know your company using character animation.

The image of the hero will include the features you want to see in you and your brand, and the actions of the character, gait and movements will create the right atmosphere, for example, attention to detail or comfortable, relaxed communication.

For those who lead their video blog on YouTube and promote the brand via the Internet with the help of videos, it takes a distinctive feature to stand out from the thousands of others who are trying to get where you are. So each channel began to create its own screensaver for videos with logo and slogan animation. Such a business card will allow viewers from the first seconds of viewing to tune in to the correct wave of broadcasting your channel.

Low cost and tight deadlines – shape-based animation allows you to make a video of decent quality much faster than if you use other production methods. By right, this option can be called the best price / quality ratio.

Transparent production process – the stages of creating 2D animation go sequentially from simple to complex and allow you to control the progress of work. You will be able to give timely feedback to the animator in order to get the job that you originally intended. There is no need to edit, since you can see and control the result from the first days of working on the project, saving a significant portion of your money and time.

Flexibility of images – your idea can be illustrated by exploring details showing attention to details or embody in it the apogee of abstract thinking highlighting you with an unusual approach to using animation, turning objects or laying additional meaning between the lines.

Versatility – you can use your video not only on the site, but also placed on TV and on screens in public places. The narration will be constructed in such a way that the viewer has time for a minimum of contact time to learn about your offer as much information as possible to make a positive decision. The use of text animation of the duplicate speaker’s speech will make it possible for people with disabilities to perceive the video. You can also use those advertising spots where the technical features of the broadcast do not allow listening to the voice of the announcer.

Brand animation – using character animation in a video for the site will give your company a human personality. So people can better associate you with certain qualities inherent in you and your employees.

Simplify the creation – many technologies of 2D animation allow you to successfully simulate 3D space while spending a minimum of time to develop a video. You can order beautiful special effects that will be permanently printed in the memory of your customers.

Most often, companies use 3D animation to create 3D info-graphics, produce object animation or architectural visualization. But lately, 3D has become used in identity, design channels on TV and on YouTube. In addition, to stand out among others, companies began to use 3D in animating their logos or during the production of splash screens for videos, creating vivid images of their brands, which are permanently stored in the memory of their customers.

3D videos can be attributed to the creation of which was applied three-dimensional modeling and animation in space, even if in the end the work looks like a 2D movie.

3D info-graphics include not only familiar charts and curves, but also any other graphical display of data and characteristics. Info-graphics is a way of presenting any information through clear and precise images with which the human brain operates.

In our work, one often comes across an array of data that, in its original form, is hard for people to digest and take a long time to study. To simplify the understanding of tables with numbers and formulas, they began to use 2D and 3D info-graphics, turning a complex data set into a clear and tangible image that becomes visible to most people.

If you want to make your presentation even brighter, use 3D modeling in the production of info-graphics, thus showing complex structures with just one model instead of text pages. Moreover, using 3D animation, it became possible to display not only the characteristics, but also the principle of operation of the architecture, program, mechanism, or business processes.

The whole animation can be divided into work with animated organisms – character 3D animation, animation of animals or creatures, plants, when they act consciously in relation to the participants of the scene (fantasy, fantasy) and to work with inanimate objects – object animation.

When you need to show how the engine, the mechanism, the device work – order object animation, so you can best convey to your customers an understanding of how your product can improve and facilitate their life.

If during the animation of living things an important role is played by the expression of character through their movements, then in the creation of object animation it is the elaboration of technical details and compliance with the functionality of the animated device. Animation in this case is done within the framework of the device itself, the laws of physics and most often serves to explain the principle of action or during the creation of a 3D presentation, for example, for exhibitions.

A rather large area in which object 3D animation is used is food. When you show all the charm of your production or growing food. In terms of efficacy, there is little that can be compared to a cake cooked on the eyes and a bright, sweet frosting on it, and cutting ripe and juicy fruits. In the production of 3D food animations, there is more control over how to show the cooking process than if you use regular shooting.

Now, almost all products of general consumption are produced industrially, depriving customers of the opportunity to observe the appetizing method of cooking or causing negative associations with mechanical heartless cooking, conveyor belt, metal and cold colors. With the help of 3D animation, you can create the right association for the products of your brand, which your customers will appreciate, feeling with each purchase the love of the real cook for their work.

The next level for companies after corporate and commercials is the creation of a short 3D animation. As a rule, large and medium-sized organizations have an established individual culture and mission, for expressing the meaning of which 3D animation is best suited. With the help of character 3D animation, you can create your own 3D cartoon and express exceptional features that distinguish you from other companies on the market. So you create the right attitude to the brand and tell us about the meaning of the existence of your business.

The work process in creating short 3D animation is almost identical to the big movie. Everything is divided into sub-steps, planned and approved even before the start of production. In the end, everything will be done according to the prepared materials. In this case, the organization offers a huge range of opportunities to express themselves.

You can order a socially-oriented video that will increase loyalty to your brand or choose artistic animation by penetrating huge masses using a viral effect. You can go ahead and create a series of short cartoons where the characters use your product in everyday life, thus raising a keen interest in what you create for people.

From the very beginning of work on a gaming or media product, it is necessary to gather and warm up the audience by the time of release. To do this, order 3D cinematics and trailers in which create a similar atmosphere attracting interest on the basis of the setting and storyline, allowing future players and viewers to feel like a participant in the scene before the release, to assess the quality and scale of your work, to love your product before it is released. So you can tell your audience what they will receive after the acquisition and increase the number of final sales.Trailers and cinematics are ordered for board games, short 3D cartoons, games on phones, consoles and PCs.

To give your project more weight and clarity during the search stage, for example, investors or clients, it is useful to have at least an approximate result on hand that will be done during the course of work. Plans and drawings in the form of a heap of black lines on paper will be hard to imagine in something tangible to a non-professional person. Therefore, in order to simplify the task of communication and increase the chances of a project for success, managers order 3D visualization, which helps customers to see and evaluate the final result at the decision-making stage.

Architectural 3D visualization is often used by builders, giving their customers the opportunity to see a house through which they have created a 3D tour, in which they will live when they purchase an apartment. With its help, it will be possible to visually test the assembled mechanism before sending its parts to the CNC machine. Also, you can save on costs for materials and prototypes by making the necessary structural changes at the stage of creating a 3D model.

The high quality internet connection allowed everyone to comfortably watch movies and videos online, and organizations have another opportunity to communicate with their potential customers. Nowadays, the use of video in internet marketing is becoming more and more active in order to attract customers and increase brand loyalty and, in order not to drown in the environment of such work, you need to compare favorably with the rest from the very first seconds.

For this, a 3D animation of the logo is created in the style of the organization, which becomes your business card and helps you to consolidate the chosen image behind your brand and all the materials that you publish on the web.

Even if a person is not ready to view the entire promotional video, active 3D animation attracts attention and leaves an imprint in the memory, thereby increasing the penetration into the masses of your brand. Suppose now that the viewer is not ready to make an order, but if there is a first need for your services, he will remember exactly this vivid image that we created.

In animation, you can shift the balance from the amount of movement to the elaboration of illustrations. If a flat 2D video is minimalistic vector graphics and a lot of movement, then the drawn video, on the contrary, has a detailed frame work and has only a partial ability to animate. In this case, we are not talking about classic animation, where each new frame is a new image, but partially reviving static images.

Depending on the task, a general roller script is created according to which the artist draws illustrations so that objects can be moved separately from each other. Objects are placed around the stage and motion and special effects are added to them – smoke, rain, blur, glare, etc. With the increase in movement and dynamism of the video, the number of necessary illustrations and intermediate positions of heroes / objects increases. Similar drawn videos are used for games, stories, books as a colorful moving illustration.

The beginning of the creation of a clip coincides with the previous version, except for the fact that the volume is added to the initially flat illustrations for the drawn clip by 3D means. In this case, the illustration works as a texture emphasizing the details, volume and preserving its colorful.

Animation is also done in 3D and you can add 3D special effects to it, but in most cases you can get away with the effects from the first version of the animation. This movie has a great potential for the movement of objects. Now they can be rotated around its axis, and the light interacts with the geometry and gives an additional sense of volume.

Frequently asked questions- Information on our questions

Why do we need a rough budget video?

The quality and level of the video depends on the amount of time that we will have. Further, time is translated into manufacturing cost based on the base rate. If we initially know your budget for creating a video, then we immediately think through the best ways to implement it and bypass the lengthy selection of complexity for an unknown amount of the project.

Thus, we exclude situations where our proposal does not correspond to your possibilities and wishes, which saves useful project time and increases the chance of a successful transaction.

What does the idea and purpose of your video mean?

A video is a focused tool for solving a specific goal. We build a narrative format and plot accents around the task and in the process of development we take into account the specifics of your target audience.

What is the impact of the placement and broadcast of the video?

The way your video is broadcast affects it’s technical features and lays down restrictions that need to be considered from the beginning of the project. So the TV commercial is created short and with more intense animation than the video for the site, because you pay the channel for airtime.

Why do we need to know the approximate duration?

In addition to the quality of work on the deadlines and, consequently, the price of creating an advertising video affects its duration. Also, videos of different durations, as a rule, have different animation density.

In the videos with great timing, we specifically create recreation areas for the attention of the viewer; otherwise there will be a glut. Knowing the duration of your video, we collected, all further work is built and your video is targeted at the right audience, taking into account competitors.

After collecting the information, the best is selected and the creation of the plot of the video begins. The text is being rewritten several times until it is possible to achieve sufficient conciseness so that viewers can accurately perceive your thoughts and advantages.

Why do we need an example movie?

Based on the example, we build a single image with yours of the final result, and also fix the threshold of the minimum quality of the expected work. Knowing your wishes, we reduce the number of possible edits and thus save project time.

Short work plan

Gathering information, writing text, plot:

At this stage, initial project information is collected. The preparation stage significantly influences the result and is food for new ideas, good suggestions. On the basis of the information collected, all further work is built and your video is targeted at the right audience, taking into account competitors.

After collecting the information, the best is selected and the creation of the plot of the video begins. The text is being rewritten several times until it is possible to achieve sufficient conciseness so that viewers can accurately perceive your thoughts and advantages.


We send the finished text to the announcer. Voice over improves the perception of information and attracts attention. In addition, the timbre of the voice will give the desired emotional coloring, suitable target video.

Creating illustrations and 3D models:

Based on the script, we are preparing 2D illustrations or 3D models with the help of which the main essence of the video will be expressed. First, exemplary images are created, which are then brought to the desired quality. A scene and character composition is also created if they are conceived according to a scenario.

Purchase of licensed music:

To the musical accompaniment of your video was of decent quality, we get fresh music on foreign stocks. So you can rest assured that the copyright holders of “free” music will not write to you and also reduce the chance of track duplication in other works

Create animation:

When all the work is planned, the necessary materials are collected, created and approved; the stage of animation begins, where the stage and its participants acquire life. Animation is the most time-consuming process that requires the most time and care.

For example, to create only the walk of a 3D character in a straight line (walk cycle) takes about a week of work. We take into account the peculiarities of the movement of an animated object in real life and try to give the roller magnetism naturalness.

The work takes place sequentially, according to the principle of blocking, where approval and detailing take place during the course of the project. For 3D videos, we perform post-correction and, if provided, overlay 2D animation.

Project cost:

How is the price formed?

The price is formed from the number of hours of work required and the cost of additional materials. While we have not formed the Terms of Reference for your project, we can only name the approximate cost of creating a video, so it can change in the course of specifying your wishes in a smaller and larger way.

The project amount named on the basis of the TOR can change only if you make changes to the approved work stages or add an unspecified amount of work.

How to reduce the cost?

To reduce the cost, you will need to reduce the required workload by choosing less costly ways to implement it. To do this, you can send us the obligatory wishes, and in response, we will offer alternative versions of performance that are suitable for your budget. In addition, you can take advantage of our promotions and discounts.

Why prepayment is taken?

Unlike a product, a video is a unique work that cannot be resold and is valuable only for you. We can compensate the costs of its production solely by your payment. Therefore, we need to confirm your interest in the project. About the reliability of our work, you can learn from the recommendations of our customers.

Why prepay is broken?

If the value of your project exceeds 100 000 Taka. This prepayment is divided into several parts in order to reduce mutual risks. The last part of the payment is made after the approval of all work.

Project term:

How is the project term determined?

The duration of the project depends on the amount of work. We try to plan the project up to an hour so that you can accurately relate your expenses with the result.

How to shorten the project?

We initially optimize the process for a better time / price / quality ratio. Therefore, you can reduce the duration of the project only by reducing the amount of work. We do not take overtime work because it adversely affects the health and well-being of our team.