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360 Video Editing Services

The search for new ways of communicating and involving the public has made the videos in 360 degrees a novel and successful format, which is being exploited to the maximum by the advertising industry, as well as in the filming of projects, reports, documentaries and videos. personal Learn more about how to edit 360 videos .

What is a 360 video?

It consists of the filming of panoramic or total circular, multi angular and continuous shots, so that seeing it produces an enveloping effect. At first, knowing how to edit 360 videos was reserved for a few specialists, but happily today there are an infinity of easy-to-manipulate programs that bring this technique to the common people. One of the most surprising aspects of this type of video is that during the visualization of it, the user can move the view with the mouse simultaneously to any angle.


Techniques for 360 video editing

There are three basic ways to edit 360-degree videos : from the camera, from an editing program and finally through a post-editing, after the union of different sequences.

Each of these modalities has its own processes, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Your choice will depend on the knowledge and technological resources of the person who edits the audiovisual material.

Some programs to edit 360 videos

The offer in programs to edit 360 video is wide. Among the most advanced and versatile options is the Trapcode Suite, whose main feature is that it specializes in post-production. On the other hand, we have Metbox’s Skybox Studio, ideal for adapting 360 videos to the Youtube format.

Autopano is one of the preferred options for editors of videos in 360 degrees, since it joins diverse previously synchronized scenes. Apply 4K or High Definition formats.

To edit 360 videos in stereo, few can do it as efficiently as Nuke, a program that manages to create high quality surround content.

Facebook has also updated its virtual tools for 360-degree video editing. To upload and edit 360 videos for Facebook, just follow the same steps used to upload any other video. In the “Advanced Options” section, you must choose the option “This video was recorded in 360 degrees” so that the platform recognizes the format, transforms it and uploads it.

Finally, we have the Premier Pro, a tool specially adapted to upload 360 videos to the Vimeo platform. Next, we show you how it works.

How is the premier pro editor used?

Premier Pro is one of the best programs to edit videos in 360 degrees, especially if you are going to download the video to Vimeo. For this program, the video to be converted to a rectangular format, although there are camcorders that do it automatically.

The detail is that some cameras, when filming in 360, do so with the circular format. Premier Pro has a tool that transforms this circular format into a rectangular one. Just drag the video to the Premier Pro platform and it will unzip and adapt automatically.

Then, from the list of files, move the video, with the format already converted to rectangular, towards the layer area of ​​the Premier Pro program.

Then, you can choose from your video, the portion you are going to select and it will go to the main screen of the platform. Here, you can move the image while it is in play and you will see that it does it obliquely, that is, as a 360 degree displacement.

Finally, you have to upload the 360 ​​video to the web, in this case to Vimeo, where you can also make additional adjustments.

For this, go to the “video file” section and click where it says “this video is in 360”. It also gives you the option to choose between monoscopic (filmed with a camera) or stereoscopic (filmed with two cameras), press “Save” and that’s it; Your 360 video is edited and uploaded on the internet!

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