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2D Animation Services

Sometimes it can be difficult to realize exactly what you imagined through live action shooting, or you just want to get a different and more colorful look. These are the cases in which graphic animation comes to our aid. In fact, today most of the corporate videos, corporate, commercial and associated with the app is produced precisely in motion graphics succeeding through movements, headings, colors, sounds and voice overs to make a very convincing message with a strong visual impact.


Our workflow for the creation of an animation always starts from a meeting with the client . Framed the message and all the information you want to bring out, our creatives will put a script for the voice over black and white that will accompany the images and will propose, with some illustrated drafts, the idea of the animation itself. After approval of the draft, we will move on to the practical realization of the animation, the vocal recording and finally the soundtrack.

2D animation and Motion Graphics are 2 of the many Visual Arts used to communicate. Both can be used to create institutional videos, product videos, commercials, training videos and video music clips. With 2D Animation we mean that Art that allows you to create cartoons with two-dimensional techniques? 2D animation techniques can be simple or very complex. Often the fundamental thing is not the technique, but the basic ideal.

They deal with a decidedly difficult and boring theme which is the “dematerialization of paper” in a fun and funny way as you can see at this link. Different is invoice to create a totally animated cartoon, where the animators create the sequences frame by frame and where the energy used and the budget required are much higher. Motion graphics consists of many elements. Texts, images, videos, 3D models, 2D animations, drawings, effects and audio. We could say that it is the art of animating and mixing among them many elements created with the most disparate techniques and technologies.